Mammals of the World


There are many creatures that we share this Earth with. May it be from the smallest ant to the largest whale they deserve as much respect and care that we give ourselves. Even if some of these creatures look and act like beasts they only like that for their own survival. The real beasts are the ones who kill them for sport, greed, or self-want. These creatures deserve a chance to live out their lives and serve their purpose.



Animals depend on cerain traits for their survival. It can range from mimicry, like a fly that looks like a honey bee, to self-defense, like the skunk and its spray, to catching food, like a cheetah's speed to outrun its prey. Animals can sometimes even help humans in their quest to help perserve our planet. For example: Did you know that since bamboo is very hard to digest, pandas have a special bacteria in their digestive system, called microbes, that turns plants into energy? Undertanding a skill like this can help scientist to elude pollutions emmited by automobiles and help stop global warming.